Our Products

Our products are unique and guaranteed to satisfy. We source from around the globe to bring you a silver plated selection.

Frozen desserts so beautiful and delectable. Thaw to serve and suitable for food service.

Made in France.


Artisan French pastry made true to its traditions. Convenient for coffee chains and restaurants.

Contains no preservative.

Made in France. 

Authentic Thai cuisine full of flavours and aroma. Menu customisation is possible with low MOQ. No MSG recipes available.

A selection in retail and food service packs.

Quick Milk: Make milk time fun and flavourful with milk flavouring straws.

Gluten free, natural flavours, no artificial colour.

Made in Hungary.

Soft and indulgent donuts. Guarantee to delight any pallates! Thaw to serve.

Made in Europe.

Frozen gourmet baby food made with organic fruits, vegetables and grains. Freezing keeps the food wholesome and naturally yummy. Suitable for babies from weaning with 5 steps on offer.

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